Here you can download the latest and legacy versions of MyVideoAnalyser

Change log

Here is an overview of all changes made to MyVideoAnalyser per released version.

1.11 (114)

- Fixed unfindable video signal with Blackmagic
- Fixed auto discover icon

1.11 (113)

- Added additional check for cancelled video exports
- Fixed possible issue accessing core data in Documents folder
- Fixed possible hang on error with Blackmagic device
- Added warning when using Blackmagic drivers older than required

1.11 (112)

- Added compatibility for macOS 10.15+ Catalina
- Dropped support for macOS below 10.12.2 Sierra
- Added support for H.265/HEVC live capture with macOS 10.15 Catalina
- Added support for H.265/HEVC video export with macOS 10.15 Catalina
- Upgraded DLAB (Blackmagic SDK) to 11.4


We recommend that your Blackmagic Desktop Video driver is at least version 11.4.1 You can download the drivers for Blackmagic Desktop Video at


1.10 (109)

- Fixed image quality loss when using JPG image in playlists
- Fixed hang on closing event viewer in standalone playlist
- Better white list check procedure for MyVA Remote

1.10 (108)

- Fixed a crash on auto searching video input source
- Fixed a crash when using a system color for a drawing object
- Fixed an issue where reloading a non existing document crashed
- Fixed an issue with multiple audio channels enabled in angle layout

1.10 (107)

- You can now add a new row with a colour (in one go!)
- You can now add a new playlist group with a colour (in one go!)
- You can now duplicate a row in the timeline (from the context menu)
- You can now drag a row (by it's name) to a playlist
- Fixed context menu for highlight editing in the timeline in event mode

1.10 (106)

- Fixed missing data after switching between timelines (multi timeline)
- Fixed exporting standalone playlist with images and drawings
- Fixed missing font issue in drawing tool
- Minor fixes in interface

1.10 (105)

- You can now have multiple timelines in a project
- Visual loading of the timeline(s)
- Better visible tick marks in subvideo window (for presenting)
- You can now tab between resize handles when resizing a highlight
- You can now see what resize handle is selected when resizing a highlight
- Do not activate push state when [CURRENT_BUTTON_NAME] is used without a value for the current button when using pre or post fix on the push state
- Changed order of context menu for row header so multi options match single options
- Fixed export as video parts from standalone playlist when highlights where resized
- Fixed order of highlight playback in Event Viewer for document (now based on preferences)
- Fixed an issue where animations show at the incorrect time in (long) standalone playlist
- Fixed Synergy import to find video files in subfolders (new file layout)
- Fixed angle issue when using 2x1 or 1x2 and 1x1 in the same playlist
- Fixed resize all buttons (context menu)
- Fixed tooltips in subvideo window

1.9 (102)

- Fixed OPTA Soccer import (now async with progress indicator)
- Fixed selecting highlights in the timeline by clicking row name when color panel is open
- Fixed non responsive bounding boxes (resize handlers) in large highlightschemes
- Added some missing information in the manual help file
- Upgraded codebase to Swift 5

1.9 (101)

- Improved angle layout switching speed in subvideo window
- Added video information window to project window
- Added video information window to standalone playlists (CMD+I)
- You can now create a new document from a tabbar in the main window
- Better sorting of linked events in highlightscheme editor
- On sending issue report warn the user if update is available
- Fixed video with other display size than natural size
- Fixed move of timed events with highlights (on manual move)
- Fixed hang on save of highlightscheme when stored in read only folder
- Fixed hang on quit of application when document was still open
- Fixed video display when last video of angle had a larger display size than the earlier video(s) of the same angle
- Fixed angle switching using hotkeys in subvideo window
- Fixed hotkey names for angles in the angle sector menu
- Fixed incorrect angle layout display when different angles where displayed back to back
- Fixed angle layout issue in standalone playlists (incorrect position)
- Fixed icon for Standalone Playlist when displayed pixalated in Finder
- Fixed revert using Time Machine (for Project, Highlightscheme and Standalone Playlists)

1.9 (98)

- Fixed times in main video player when dragging video playhead during pause
- Fixed NumPad hotkeys for highlighting

1.9 (97)

- We now support all other calendars than Gregorian for registration
- On add to playlist from subvideo player it shows what playlist the highlight is added to
- Better frame stepping in subvideo player
- Fixed resize of highlights during capture
- Fixed jumping with tab in standalone playlists (sometimes showed last frame of previous video)
- Fixed adding highlights to standalone playlists (causing beachball)
- Fixed quickly closing project during move/copy (losing video file)

1.9 (94)

- Fixed drawing on an image in the playlist

1.9 (93)

- Better accurate scrubbing in the subvideo window
- Fixed animating after scrubbing in the subvideo window (playhead not moving)
- Fixed a 1 second offset during capture
- Fixed drag and drop from standalone playlist to standalone playlist drop order
- Fixed drawing icon in playlist items

1.9 (92)

- Fixed right click menu in Angle Editor to rename and remove angles
- Fixed playback of highlights from the event viewer
- Fixed adding of highlights from the event viewer to the playlist
- Fixed combining multiple projects (showing black parts in the timeline)
- Fixed closing subvideo window with ESC in fullscreen, will now close and revert to main project

1.9 (91)

- Fixed loading of subvideos during capture (close to the end)
- Fixed crash on close project after capture
- Fixed crash on adding still frames on macOS < 10.12

1.9 (90)

*** When updating to MyVA 1.9 (90) please also update your iOS devices running MyVA Remote to MyVA Remote 1.2.4. ***

- Added Multi Angle
- Added Multi Angle editor
- Added Multi Angle Layout editor
- Select a layout when playing main video
- Select a layout when playing highlights from the timeline
- Select a per highlight layout for playlist highlights
- Added CoreData for storing persistent data (non preference data)
- Added creation date of project to JSON timeline export
- You can now change the default value of a button with push states that uses alternate states
- Improved frame stepping in video
- Improved speed of highlightscheme editor
- Main video will now pause when subvideo window is opened on top of an analyser window
- Extended the (topbar) playlist menu to allow all features available in the toolview playlist menu
- Improved closing speed of subvideo window
- Show progress dialog on copy/move video files to a project
- You can now disconnect an external drive after closing the project
- Fixed Timeline appearance in High Sierra and below
- Fixed Synergy import if CSV has different layout
- Fixed XML import for UTF-16 encoded XML files
- Fixed crash in Angle Editor Window on playback
- Fixed small offset for iDevice bounds on some devices
- Fixed crash on using colors from a different color space when importing OPTA
- Fixed an issue with switching from 2x speed to 1x speed where the video playback was incorrect
- Added support for iDevice bounds for iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone Xr, iPad Pro 9.4", iPad Pro 11"
- Video playback now uses Metal 🤘 (GPU) improving speed of rendering video on playback
- Optimised memory usage
- Optimised CPU usages

1.8 (81)

- Faster timeline rendering
- Flat design for the timeline
- Timeline now shows events/highlights inside an other row indented
- Selection colours changed to system default (blue)
- You can now select highlights in the timeline with selection box
- You can add a new highlight by holding CMD and drag in an empty row
- You can now split a highlight at the playhead
- Highlights with no name are no longer inserted in the timeline
- The allow state change option for highlight buttons is now "Only change button state if inactive" by default
- Added Synergy import for USA Basketball (Synergy to Standalone Playlist)
- Better resize subvideo window with; video playback, audio and new range slider
- Preventing system sleep during upload/download and export
- Better alignment of image row of playlist
- Better cleanup process on application quit
- Fixed export issue in standalone playlist when last frame of a video part was incorrect

1.7 (79)

- Changed resize slider positions for easier grabbing
- Added auto complete for adding events in standalone playlist
- Fixed crash on corrupt video
- Fixed jumping to highlight in standalone playlist showing last frame of previous video
- Fixed incorrect resizing in playlist causing issues with drawing start/end

1.7 (77)

- Fixed crash on Quickview in playlist
- Fixed crash on closing subvideo window in specific cases
- Fixed crash on dragging main video when audio codec is incorrect
- Preventing crashes on exporting of incompattible video files

1.7 (76)

- Added new event viewer
- Added highlight and event count in timeline rows
- Fixed export of standalone playlist getting stuck when exporting resized highlights
- Fixed adding event to highlight when video is paused using activate on activate trigger
- Fixed CSV import from variables window
- Fixed import hanging on JSON file with overwriting highlights
- Fixed icon size on about window
- Fixed export of video parts missing overlay from a subvideo window
- Fixed drag and drop order from timeline to standalone playlist
- Fixed crash on setup capture session
- Fixed incorrect upload percentage with done message

1.7 (73)

- Fixed image at end of playlist not showing in video
- Fixed removing of still frames with drawings
- Fixed end animations
- Fixed drawing position after a removed still frame
- Fixed direct update of drawing in and out markers
- Fixed uploading to MyTPA where permissions didn't set
- Fixed uploading to MyTPA or MyTPE with large files that didn't show online
- Improved processing speed of video file on MyTPA and MyTPE after uploading using MyVA
- Fixed queuing multiple videos for upload to MyTPA and MyTPE
- Fixed uploading projects with playlist containing events and groups to MyTPA

1.7 (72)

- Exporting of combined videos with different frame sizes working
- Better default order on new projects
- Fixed incorrect order of timeline after reopening project
- Fixed resizing where right hand slider didn't respond directly
- Fixed playhead dragging in subvideo after adding still frame
- Fixed dragging highlight from a filtered playlist to another (standalone) playlist
- Better default names when saving/exporting

1.7 (71)

*** This version is macOS Mojave compatible. Please be cautious with upgrading your Mac to macOS Mojave as some software and hardware might not yet work!!!! Always check all parts of your workflow (hardware and software) before upgrading your macOS! ***

- macOS Mojave compatible
- Fixed moving highlights in the timeline (incorrect move/resize)
- Fixed incorrect diskspace warning during capture
- Fixed unneeded save message on standalone playlist
- When changing a name in a standalone playlist event viewer will be updated
- Better dragging of highlights from the timeline
- Remove new lines on timeline and highlight buttons
- Possible fix for spinning wheel when using track pad for seeking
- Fixed async loading of users and groups for MyTPA and MyTPE
- Fixed banner on incoming remote connection when displaying server info
- Fixed crash on opening without last loaded document
- Fixed visual issue with resizing video

1.6 (67)

- Better check on creating of videos that failed conversion with 0 bytes
- Better conversion of strange video formats (WyScout) when added to standalone playlist
- Event viewer now deselects all highlights in the timeline when opened
- Event viewer showed double events when using groups
- Fixed creating animated drawings
- Fixed resizing of standalone playlist highlights on macOS Sierra

1.6 (66)

*** Important update!!! Playlists created in this version of MyVA are not backwards compatible. Please make sure all users within your organisation update to this version! You will still be able to open old playlists in the new version. ***

- Renewed the (standalone) playlist element:
- You can now add groups inside groups
- You can drag and drop between groups
- Added items appear at the bottom (as expected)
- Hovering a closed group on drag opens the group
- Added quick view for playlist video and images (space bar)
- Improved load/save speed of playlists with images
- Changed order of the playlist item to name > events > comment
- Added option to copy item in a playlist (with option drag)
- You can now undo standalone playlists until close
- Changed iStatVBall import from 2 sec before to 4 sec before
- You can now add events to a highight in post match analysis when the video is paused
- Fixed highlighting during frame stepping
- Fixed an issue with playback in standalone playlist when using stillframes
- Fixed an issue where videos with still frames followed by an image showed incorrect video
- Fixed an issue where the incorrect video was shown when standalone playlist item was resized
- Fixed crash on alternate states creation on macOS 10.11.x

1.5 (63)

*** When updating to MyVA 1.5 (63) please also update your iOS devices running MyVA Remote to MyVA Remote 1.2.2. ***

- You can now push the buttons current name [CURRENT_BUTTON_NAME] using button push states
- Added Simple report and resize button to touchbar in the timeline
- Resize timeline button now also works for selected playlist highlight
- Edit comment timeline button now also works for selected playlist highlight
- Edit events timeline button now also works for selected playlist highlight
- You can now assign TAB and SHIFT+TAB as a hotkey in your highlightscheme
- Added timeline highlight hotkeys (resize/event/comment) to standalone playlist
- Added touchbar icons for (resize/event/comment) to standalone playlist
- Fixed an issue where you can't remove events from a playlist highlight
- Fixed deselecting of playlist item when the list covers the entire list
- Fixed possible crash on working with multiple items in the toolview
- Fixed an issue when drawings appeared in timeline when made in playlist
- Fixed an issue when creating standalone playlists with highlights containing still frames
- Fixed playback of resized highlight in standalone playlist
- Fixed import of WyScout XML timeline files
- Fixed issue when global hotkey for global marker is not set (reverted to "a")
- Fixed possible crash on mouse move in drawing tool
- Fixed fuzzy icons in finder

1.5 (61)

*** When updating to MyVA 1.5 (61) please also update your iOS devices running MyVA Remote to MyVA Remote 1.2.1. ***

- When using Blackmagic DeckLink < 10.9.5 now shows an error not a crash
- Better handling of post-match analysis when using pause/play/jump
- You can now resize a standalone playlist highlight
- Improved speed of highlightscheme editor
- Added a feature to remove events or comments from a (standalone) playlist
- Added a feature to disable/enable push and alternate states
- Added a feature to create a cluster of deactivate on activate triggers (for exclusive active buttons)
- Added a feature to separate buttons over the horizontal and vertical axis with 10px separation
- Added main menu items for highlightscheme editing
- You can now also multi edit the "trigger an event" option
- You can now add selected buttons using the selection box and CMD
- Disabled auto save on adding a trigger, push state or alternate state
- Fixed undo in highlightscheme editor when multi editing
- Fixed drag/drop from timeline to playlist and standaline playlist
- Fixed timeline headers to scroll (up and down) during drag and drop for ordering
- Fixed overwriting of video on export with the same name
- Fixed an issue with cut and paste in highlightscheme editor
- Fixed a crash on dragging elements in a playlist
- Fixed adding image to a playlist to insert at top (when nothing is selected)
- Fixed order of inserted highlights into a playlist using the add to playlist button in the timeline
- Fixed order of highlights when grouped in a playlist
- Fixed a crash on ending capture without highlightscheme
- Fixed possible crash on already removed KVO's
- MyVA now shows if a license is DEMO on the splashscreen

1.5 (59)

- Fixed an issue with adding multiple highlights to existing playlist with groups
- Fixed an issue where you couldn't drag a playlist highlight to a hidden group
- Fixed an issue where the playlist item didn's show as selected after working in subvideo window
- Fixed an issue where highlights in a playlist changed colour
- Fixed dragging a group from playlist to standalone playlist
- Changed default order when creating triggers for an event

1.5 (58)

This update focuses on creating a more automated workflow when using the highlightscheme to analyse your video. For more information on using triggers, alternate states and push states please visit

Users of MyVA Remote should update MyVA Remote on their iOS devices.

- Added new trigger types. You can now create these triggers:
1. Activate an other button when this button activates
2. Deactivate an other button when this button activates
3. Toggle an other button when this button activates
4. Activate an other button when this button deactivates
5. Deactivate an other button when this button deactivates
6. Toggle an other button when this button deactivates
- You can manually order the triggers for a more precise workflow
- Visualised automations in the highlightscheme editor
- Added alternate states for buttons
- Added push states for buttons
- Added opacity for button background, border and name
- Added snap to highlightscheme editor
- Added auto align buttons
- Added context menu for button order
- Allow the user to make the inspector wider
- Added default timeline sorting preference
- Keeping track of the timeline sorting when reloading a project
- Colour sorting in the timeline has been improved
- Triggers are ignored if option/alt key is held down during highlighting
- Triggers are ignored when end all active highlights hotkey is used
- This version is compatible for highlightscheme sharing with MyVA Remote 1.2 (5)+
- Now showing the MyVA Remote version on connection with MyVA Remote Server
- Better handling of reload last used playlist/highlightscheme in projects
- When adding highlight to playlist using the add to playlist button the highlight is now placed on top and not under last group
- You can now load a highlightscheme by dragging even if a playlist is open
- Fixed left side and right side shift, option, command, control buttons for hotkeys
- Fixed an issue where the inspector showed twice

1.4 (54)

- Fixed export of imported SportsCode videos with incorrect framerates showing as slowmotion
- Fixed crash importing SportsCode packages
- Fixed crash on drag and drop in playlists

1.4 (53)

- Fixed an issue where corrupt video files could cause a crash on export

1.4 (52)

- Fixed possible crashes when exporting a corrupt video
- Fixed possible crashes when exporting a video when capturing
- Fixed playlist to standalone playlist conversion
- Fixed drawing text object end in export
- Fixed resizing of highlights during capture

1.4 (49)

This update focuses on the playlist and standalone playlist. Allowing you to better manage your playlists for both presentations and for usage as a database.

- Added groups to playlists
- Groups can be opened/closed
- Groups show the total number of highlights in it
- Playlist highlight indexes in playlist start at 1 after a group header
- Added image highlights (title slides) in playlists
- Added quick filter to playlists
- Added show/hide option for comments and events in playlists
- You can now use the right click menu for add to playlist to add to any open standalone playlist
- You can now sort a playlist by name, colour and start time
- You can now show an event viewer on top of a standalone playlist
- You can now export (selected) highlights/playlist highlights from the videos menu
- You can now export (selected) highlights/playlist highlights as video per highlight (parts) from the videos menu
- All video exports now use the export window
- Added general agreement that needs to be accepted before you can continue working
- Disabled overlay and drawing checkboxes when passthrough is selected
- Fixed events in overlapping highlights during highlighting
- Fixed sorting of events in highlight row in timeline
- Fixed upload of 4:3 video files
- Fixed upload of video with incorrect audio channels

1.3 (45)

- Added the drawing tool that allows you to create drawings on top of the subvideo player
- You can now combine MyVA project files into a single project
- Better timeline row sorting, when sorting on colour now also sorted by name ascending
- You can now use a highlightscheme to add events to a playlist highlight in the subvideo player
- Added iStatVball v2 XML timeline import
- Converting option for SportsCode SCPkg and GBPkg to MyVA Project
- Converting option for SportsCode Database to MyVA Standalone Playlist
- You can now select a hotkey for adding a global marker (frees * on the keyPad for highlighting)
- Fixed explicit permissions for uploaded project to MyTPA
- Fixed an issue where the incorrect event was deleted after copying highlight
- Fixed an issue where audio kHz where incorrect for AAC causing crash
- Fixed crash on customising touchbar on splash screen without last opened files

1.2 (39)


When capturing with Blackmagic hardware we are now using the DeckLink SDK, providing a more stable result. This change fixes the audio sync issues some people experienced and the frame dropping when this occurs.

Make sure that your Blackmagic Desktop Video driver is at least version 10.9.5!!! You can download the drivers for Blackmagic Desktop Video at


We have also added the following features:

- Added 2 extra export presets for HD 720 en HD 1080
- Added notifications on finished export video, incoming MyVA Remote connections, finished upload and download (MyTPA and MyTPE)
- Added menu items for collapse and expand all rows in the timeline at once
- Added OPTA Soccer XML import
- Added tab functionality in highlightscheme builder inspector
- Added extra hotkeys for faster working in the timeline (see help)
- Added multi row remove and edit to context right click menu in timeline

And we have fixed the following issues:

- Removed grey line around highlight button when border was disabled
- Fixed an issue where on triggers from event to highlight didn't transport the event
- Fixed an issue where events where not transported to the highlight that was on triggered using an other highlight (daisy chained on triggers)
- Fixed an issue where an already active highlight was not re-activated using on triggers
- Fixed SportsCode XML import with flags
- Fixed a possible crash when hotkeys are double on a loaded highlightscheme
- Fixed copy and paste in comment box
- Fixed dark highlights missing border in timeline when row in colour is selected
- Fixed revert to and duplicate functions from the menu
- Fixed incorrect length of highlights received from the MyVA Remote App
- Fixed downloading a project from MyTPA

1.2 (33)

This version of MyVA is equipped with the MyVA Remote Server. When enabled this server allows you to connect your iOS devices running MyVA Remote that is now available in the AppStore. For more information about MyVA Remote take a look on our website.

We have also added some other features in this release and fixed some issues:

- Changed the icons used In MyVA
- Added the usage of variables to the highlightscheme
- Scale an existing highlightscheme to a specific iOS device's size
- You can now set the behaviour for adding events to highlights to: Always link, last activated, second to last, thirth to last, fourth to last, fifth to last and never (ignore)
- Allow the user to set font size for a highlight button
- Allow the user to set the X and Y position for a button manually
- Added Remove empty rows menu option to timeline
- Fixed hiding hotkey, name, border on highlight buttons
- Show license code when expired in the popup message
- Better animations on large highlight scheme
- Volume slider in subvideo window is now correct
- Fixed Touch Bar pause icon when capturing
- Fixed an issue where highlights where played double when using CMD+A
- Stability fixes

1.1 (27)

- Increased the size of the time markers on the timeline top bar for easier reading
- Sorting of events in the timeline popup is now in click order not alphabatical
- Adding normal event and timed event with the same name to the same highlight during highlighting is now possible
- Fixed an issue where in some cases the speed button was selected by the system breaking the ability to add events using the highlightscheme
- Fixed scrollbar issues on changing macOS settings when MyVA was active
- Fixed events adding to incorrect (inactive) highlights when highlighting
- Fixed playlist filter issue when filtering on events
- Fixed clicking timeline header with ctrl+click to trigger right click
- Fixed crash on closing report window in full screen mode
- Fixed crash on observers in video window

1.1 (25)

- You can now export the selected items in the timeline to JSON or XML
- Improved placement of new button on the highlight scheme
- Select all is now possible in highlight scheme editor
- You can now create a highlight button of the type visual (for visual purposes only)
- You can drag an image to a highlight scheme to create a visual button with the image as background
- You can now copy and paste highlight buttons in the highlight scheme editor
- You can now copy and paste images to highlight buttons or the highlight scheme
- Visual feedback when adding a highlight from the subvideo to a playlist
- You can assign a hotkey in your preferences to end all active highlights at once (default is tab)
- Added 3 CSV export options (Timeline report, Timeline highlight report, Event viewer report)
- Improved overal performance and stability

1.1 (22)

- Fixed touchbar icons for subvideo window
- Fixed resizing of a video using the subvideo window
- Fixed crash on MyTPE & MyTPA upload and download

1.1 (21)

- Upload MyTPE: fix incorrect filesize after export
- Fixed crash when refreshing tables
- Improved video export stability

1.1 (20)

In this release we have added support for direct communication with MyTPA and MyTPE. Allowing you to work quicker and more efficient when using multiple MyTeamPerformance tools.

- Upload videos to MyTPE
- Upload projects to MyTPA
- Download projects from MyTPA
- Extra security when downloading a future update of MyVideoAnalyser
- Added preferences to hide the numbers shown in the highlights in the timeline
- Added highlight index to the hover popup in the timeline when hovering a highlight
- Added some row appearances that allow you to show the timeline in different ways: highlights in colour (default), row in colour, row name and highlights in colour
- Added support for importing a SportsCode XML with incorrect characters

We also fixed some issues you may have encountered in MyVideoAnalyser:

- Fixed a crash on incorrect drag in subvideo window
- Fixed a crash on downloading update
- Fixed some touchbar icons
- Fixed some small issues
- Ready for all future development in macOS High Sierra (10.13)
- Improved stability of MyVA

1.0 (15)

- Fixed highlight buttons that are overlayed to not press buttons that are under the pressed button
- When manually adding events to a playlist or the timeline all events from the current loaded highlights will be shown in the dropdown
- Show index of item in playlist
- Fix playlist background color when switching from dark to light
- Faster startup time on poor internet connection
- You can now drag and drop standalone playlist items to another standalone playlist
- Enabled audio level meters during capture on video preview (if set in preferences)
- Fix timeline on initial create of new project from existing video file
- Fixed loading of highlightscheme when creating new project from existing video

1.0 (13)

First initial release of MyVideoAnalyser!

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