What is MyVideoAnalyser?

Improving your high performing team by giving coaches, trainers and players detailed and visual performance insights.

We introduce the performance analysis application MyVideoAnalyser. Now create your perfect analysis environment on your own Mac and make use of all the analysing features easily and offline.

MyVideoAnalyser combines the simplicity of the performance analysis tool MyTPA and the power of macOS for unique user-friendly analysis. The improved workflow and the intelligence of advanced techniques enable you to analyse your video via this offline tool.

Start your analysis by creating your personal highlight schemes or by importing your data from third party analysis tools. MyVideoAnalyser gives you many analysing possibilities to gain a wide scope of insights. The combination of the timeline and your captured video makes your analysis helpful to improve your team. By adding this analysed data into your player tracking system MyTPE you easily share the data with teams, players and coaches. They will always have access to their own video that supports their growing performance.



The future of performance driven video analysis.

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Use your own camera to capture your video live with MyVideoAnalyser.

Video files

Load any compatible video files to start your analysis.


Create custom highlight schemes to highlight the important moments of your game.


Use automation tools on your highlightscheme to automate your workflow for better and quicker analysis.


Use the drawing tool to draw directly on any subvideo window.


Create animated drawings on top of the video and store it in the timeline or playlists.


Use events and the event viewer to make in depth analysis.


Create, share and save playlists for presenting.

Standalone Playlists

Create standalone playlist to save important highlights during the season without keeping the analysis files.

MyVA Remote

Start a MyVA Remote Server on a project to allow connecting of the MyVA Remote iOS app!

Share with MyTPE/MyTPA

MyVA integrates perfectly with the MyTPE and MyTPA platform. It even makes uploading/conversion of the videos quicker and easier.


MyVideoAnalyser is a macOS application!

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MyVA Remote

MyVideoAnalyser Remote for iOS

MyVA Remote allows you to work from you iOS device making it easier to highlight and review from anywhere.

Download MyVA Remote on the AppStore now!


MyVA Remote allows you to connect to any MyVA that is enabled as a MyVA Remote Server to work from your iOS device.


Use the feed view to see all highlights created on MyVA in chronological order.


Use the timeline view to see all highlights in a basic timeline view.


Use custom filters to filter the contents of the feed and timeline view.


View the video by tapping a highlight on the feed or timeline view, it really is that simple!


Use your custom highlight schemes to highlight directly to MyVA or while connected or when working offline to JSON timeline format.


Create playlist on your iOS device for (offline) video playback, simply select the video you want and add to the playlist!


Share the created timelines using your highlight scheme in JSON format.

Simple setup

To start working all you need is a WiFi connection that connects to both MyVA and MyVA Remote and the server will show on the iOS device.

Download MyVA Remote for iPhone and iPad on the AppStore now!



MyVideoAnalyser is part of the MyTeamPerformance family!

If you are looking for the perfect way to work together, share your work or to keep track of your players take a look at our MyTeamPerformance products.


Extra services

It's more than software.

Only 1 version

We don't believe in the difference between Pro and Amateur users. Our software is the same for everyone, one set of tools at one price for everyone!


We are always there when you are in a pickle and can’t do your work. You can use our manual or the issue report button to contact us directly.

Training & Education

Become a certified Performance Analyst with our education programs, masterclasses and minors.


We will help you find out what you need to do your work!

In House Development

We keep innovating and developing. Share your experience and help us improve our products. All updates and upgrades are free!

Apple powered

MyVideoAnalyser is built upon the reliable native Apple API's and is kept up to date at all times.


Download here the latest version of MyVideoAnalyser.

For older versions click here: Legacy download. Or check out the change log for MyVideoAnalyser here: Change log


MyVideoAnalyser has it's own manual. You can open the help by loading MyVideoAnalyser, clicking the Help menu and choosing MyVideoAnalyser help. You can also click the button below to open the online version. This manual also covers the MyVA Remote iOS app.

Open online manual!

Instructional videos

Check out the instructional videos on specific features or workflows you can create with MyVideoAnalyser.

Installing MyVideoAnalyser

This video explains how to install and register MyVideoAnalyser.

Difficulty level: (None)

Creating a new project

This video explains how to create a project from an existing video and how to start a new capture.

Difficulty level: (Novice)

Building a highlightscheme

This video explains how to use the highlightscheme editor to build a highlightscheme.

Difficulty level: (Beginner)

Live & Post analysis

This video explains how to use a highlightscheme to start analysing your video.

Difficulty level: (Beginner)

Automating the highlightscheme

This video explains how to use triggers and alternate states to automate your analysing workflow.

Difficulty level: (Proficient)

Store events for later use

This video explains how to use push states to store events during a sequence to later be used in a highlight.

Difficulty level: (Expert)

The team

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