MyVA Watch

The power of analysis on your wrist!

Make your wrist more powerful

Connect to any
MyVA project

Use it during
live capture

Create your own
highlight buttons

Highlight into the timeline
on the MyVA Server

Receive notifications
from the MyVA Server

Powered by
WatchOS and iOS

Easy to use!

All the tools you need are built in to MyVA, MyVA Remote and MyVA Watch. All you need is a network connection!

  • Simply enable the MyVA Remote Server in your MyVA Project.
  • Auto discovers servers in the network (if available).

Analyse from your wrist!

Using your custom highlight buttons.

  • Set a name.
  • Set a color and before and after time.
  • Tap the button.... your analysing!

Capture control!

Start and pause capture from your wrist.

  • Starting and stopping a capture from your watch.
  • As long as you are connected to the server.
  • It's just a tap away.


Need to be up to date?

  • Create custom notifications in your highlightscheme.
  • On every activation all connected devices are notified.
  • Lift your wrist and you know what's going on.

Buy MyVA Watch on the AppStore and put the power of analysis on your wrist!

Do you already know about MyVA Remote?

The iOS analysis tool for MyVA!